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Current Prices

You can purchase our products on the product pages or you can use the contact form or email us for an email invoice to complete purchase. You can email us or call us at  919-886-7057 for layaway and other payment options.

Model  price each USD price each pair USD
satin black 222.50 445
cream white 222.50 445
natural birch plywood (all wood) 247.50 495
Baltic white birch plywood (all wood) 247.50 495
Sampan FTL    
satin black   1,195
natural birch plywood (all wood)   1,195
Baltic white birch plywood (all wood)   1,295
satin black and red birch   1,595
Sampan DTL    
satin black   2,495
Skiff Armada (price depends on cabinet finish and the inclusion of custom Sandbags loudspeaker stands)    
Sampan Sound Bar    
satin black 995  
cream white 1,095  
Sampan Music Box    
satin black 1,195  
cream white  1,295  
satin black with clip on grills   795
satin black with magnetic grills   895
cream white with magnetic grills   895
red birch plywood (all wood) clip on grills   895
red birch plywood (all wood) magnetic grills   995
satin black 547.50 1,095
natural birch plywood and black 597.50 1,195
Canoe (with magnetic grills)    
natural birch plywood and satin black   1,495
Spanish cedar and satin black    1,695
satin black   1,795
red birch and satin black   1,995
Enterprise XB     
satin black   2,995
red birch and satin black   3,995
Spanish cedar and satin black   4,295
Kayak Armada (price depends on color and the inclusion of custom Sandbags loudspeaker stands: call or email)    
Warranty: All Role Audio loudspeakers are covered by a limited ten (10) year material and workmanship warranty. (updated 11/2/2014)
Finish: Role Audio operates its own cabinet manufacturing facility in North Carolina, USA, and can offer a variety of other cabinet finishes and materials at additional cost.
Notice: Prices subjected to change without notice. We reserve the right to make improvements and refinements to our products without notice.