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Special two weeks promotional sale!

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The Starship

Role Audio Starship

Price Reduction

1 new red birch and black pair in near perfect shape available!

Critical Acclaim!

 "the Starship SE reminded me of its much bigger and more expensive sibling, the (NSMT) Model 100 speaker..."

" can drive these with anything from flea watt SET tube-based amplifiers or high-power solid-state amplifiers with superb results."
Stereo Times, Terry London, 11/2020

"...the SEs capture the music's micro-dynamic ebb and flow more naturally than my reference Maggie 1.7is.   

"Each instrument occupies its own space in the mix, a mix the SEs unravel like a seasoned archaeologist set loose upon an ancient dig sight."

Positive Feedback, Maurice Jeffries, Issue 88, 11/29/2016

Imagine, the four transmission lines in the Starship give it twice the bass output of the Enterprise, and the same incredible imaging, in a cabinet that is 10X11X43.75 inches, 25X28X111 cms  (WXDXH). Absolutely no subwoofer needed!

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Enterprise factory demo pair

Role Audio Enterprise factory demo

Price Reduction

The Enterprise speaker which uses two 4 inch woofers trounces the bigger PSB Imagine T2 speaker which uses three 5.5 woofers and the Vienna Acoustics Mozart Grand SE AT which uses two 6.5 inch woofers. (read Terry London's review

"... a 1st technologically..."

"...the bass is to die for...​"

"The Enterprise will compete with speakers at least double their price...."

"...just right...all around, the best dynamic speaker I have ever used."

 "You will not find a better speaker anywhere near its price..."

"...some of the finest cabinet work I've seen..."

Read about the Enterprise here.

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Save on new B-stock satin black Skiffs



Price Reduction

Critical Acclaim!

"The upper midrange smoothness and coherence in particular is something to behold... it's surprisingly neutral and capable with a variety of music...” 
Marc Yun issue #154, Bound for Sound 

"Their midrange is scary good, seriously good in fact and unlike many full range drivers do not seem to be rolled off in the top end as one would expect."
Desktop Audio News and Previews, Australia

" The more time I spend with the Skiffs, the less inclined I am to try bigger speakers. The Skiffs make "small is beautiful" into more than a cliché."
Steve Stone,, 5/06

“...I can't think of many speakers anywhere near its price or size that can rival (much less best) it in certain areas of reproduction. The upper midrange smoothness and coherence in particular is something to behold... it's surprisingly neutral and capable with a variety of music...” 
Marc Yun issue #154, Bound for Sound

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Add a Cube acoustic suspension subwoofer to transform the Skiffs into one of the most formidable sub-satellite system

Role Audio Cube Subwoofer

Price Reduction

The Cube is a potent, compact, self- powered, subwoofer system that is designed to complement small loudspeakers in high-end music and home theater systems.

The Cube is designed for speed and accuracy to keep pace with the best small minimonitors and it has the power to play in theater systems. 

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Buy a pair of Skiffs and a Cube subwoofer and get a pair of NSMT Sandbag stands, a $395 value, that is designed specifically for the Skiffs!

NSMT Sandbag stands

Price Reduction

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Role Audio Sampan

Role Audio Sampan


"The Greatest Disappearing Act Since Houdini "

"Few loudspeakers on the planet can create as much excitement as the tiny, unassuming Sampan..."

"We set two Sampans .. next to ... my Triangle Cellos ... None of the visitors ... suspected that the music was coming from the two Sampans rather than the largish pair of Triangle Cellos."  
(Reinhold Martin, HIFI STATEMENT, Germany)

Condition: Excellent

Read more about the Sampan

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All B-stock and clearance products are covered by Role Audio's standard warranty and 30 day money back return policy. There is no restocking fee for returned items. We pay for shipping to you. You pay the return shipping charges for loudspeakers returned to us. Our policy is to offer a prompt refund within three business days of receipt for products returned in good condition.

B-stock are new loudspeakers with minor flaws in that fail our very stringent fit and finish quality control tests. Factory demos are loudspeaker that are one of a kind finish, loudspeakers from reviews, returns, or loudspeaker with more obvious fit and finish issues. 

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