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NSMT Loudspeakers EXP subwoofer

NSMT EXP Subwoofer

The little subwoofer that could

"... lots of both mid-bass oomph and low end grunt...The [EXP] compact powered sub allowed me to play rock and pop music at any reasonable volume...To be sure, there are lots of similarly sized systems out there... but I know of no other that delivers the musical goods at this price range, and with such good looks ... These guys know how to make small speakers work in a way few others approach." 
(Positive Feedback Online)

The quality of the bass that the EXP delivers is just like that of the 5 and 10S -- tight and tuneful."
(Doug Schneider,

EXP & Model 5 subwoofer satellite system
"...this system sounded almost as good as my $10k system."
(Richard Cook,

"...the EXP is on the money with solidity and control and proves ideally matched to NSMs speakers."
(Doug Schneider,

"The EXP is an elegant-looking package that's attractive enough to sit out in the room..."
(Doug Schneider,


NSMT loudspeakers 15 EXP subwoofer

NSMT 15EXP Subwoofer

A subwoofer that is accurate enough to be used for mastering!

I purchased a complete 20M Armada System  (which includes the two 15EXPs) over a year ago which I use daily for audio mastering. This system has simply allowed me to get closer to creating a perfectly balanced master than I ever thought possible."
Lundvall Mastering

"...the lower registers of [Dark Side of] The Moon played through the 15EXP were downright menacing."
(Dr. Jeff Rabin,

"The 15EXP did not so much guild the lily or draw undue attention to itself as it put meat (but little fat) on the bottom line making cellos more convincing, drums more striking, and even vocals more realistic."
(Dr. Jeff Rabin,

"I did find the 15EXP quite a bit easier to integrate into my system than has been my previous experience with subs."
(Dr. Jeff Rabin,