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The Discovery

versatility with twice the output of the Kayak 


The Role Audio Discovery loudspeaker
  Dimensions: 5.5 X 12 X 6 inches (H X W X D), 14 X 30 X 15 cm.

*The prices below are for a single Discovery



The Discovery and Kayak share many family traits. They both have superb high frequency rendition, astounding inner detail and low-level resolution, and remarkable depth recreation."
(Steve Stone,, 9/05)

"The Discovery extra midrange/woofer and larger cabinet gave it more lower midrange energy capabilities, which translate into slightly warmer harmonic balance and greater dynamic punch."
(Steve Stone,, 9/05)

"In most performance areas it ranks higher than most other comparably priced speakers I've heard."
(Steve Stone,, 9/05)


  The Discovery uses two of the woofers used in the Kayak in an MTM arrangement and the same alignment of the tweeter to woofer as the Kayak to deliver twice the output of the Kayak in a versatile 5.5 wide by 12 high by 6.5 deep (vertical), or 12 inch wide by 5.5 inch high by 6.5 inch deep (horizontal) package that makes it well suited for use as a powerful small bookshelf speaker or as a high quality center channel speaker.

    Like all Role Audio loudspeakers, the drivers are magnetically shielded so the Discovery may be used as a stereo pair or as front, center, or rear loudspeakers in surround and home theater systems.
  You can play the Role Discovery horizontally or vertically or any angle in between. The close alignment of the woofers and tweeter guarantees accurate dispersion in any position.
Use it for music or for home theater or surround sound. Place it on a pair of stands or on top of a TV as a center channel. As the most versatile loudspeaker made by Role Audio, the Discovery will always please with its performance and style.