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The Kayak Armada System

Role Audio Kayak Armada System
Get the performance of megabuck systems at an affordable price

The Kayak Armada Modular System combines a pair of the best minimonitors with a pair of Role Cube active subwoofers, one of the fastest and best small subwoofers. You end up with a system that is greater than the sum of its parts. This system provides the utmost flexibility in fine-tuning the loudspeaker's interaction with the room to deliver an ultimate listening experience.The Kayak Armada System will outclass most minimonitor subwoofer systems and even some highly regard monitor-pedestal bass systems.

While a good floorstanding loudspeaker offers the utmost efficiency in packaging, a good sub-sat system with two active subwoofer offers the utmost flexibility in tweaking the system's performance to maximize its performance relative to room acoustics. Monitor-pedestal bass systems such as the Wilson Watt Puppy offer added performance because they reduce interference of the bass into the higher frequencies by using two separate enclosures. However sub-sat systems with two active subwoofers like the Kayak Armada offers the best performance because the bass enclosure is completely separated from the enclosure producing the higher frequencies. Add a pair of stands and you can project the sound of the Kayaks at the desired height. Moreover, with two active subwoofers,  each subwoofer can be relocated in the room independent of the Kayaks to get the best bass response and to defeat room resonances that naturally occur. This is because the crossover and volume control of each subwoofer can be adjusted to match the output of the Kayaks and the subwoofer's bass output can be brought into absolute phase alignment  by repositioning the subwoofer and/or using the subwoofer's continuous phase switch.

Interestingly, the Kayak Armada System improves the Kayak's outstanding performance. Because, with the Role Cubes in the system, the Kayaks will be played at lower volume since there is no psycoacoustical need to try to get the Kayaks to pressurize the room. Moreover, because the linear response of the Role Cubes allows it to integrate extremely well and to provide bass reinforcement as opposed to bass replacement, the crossover point can be set high to provide bass reinforcement in the upper bass, even above 200Hz, which makes the Kayak-Cube combination sound fuller, like much larger loudspeaker systems.

Now imagine a pair of Role Audio Kayaks that, "Even when placed less than two feet from my listening position a pair of Kayaks not only become sonically invisible, but they produce a humongous soundstage that rivals my reference Aerial model 5A. The Kayak's image also has just as much lateral precision as the Areals. But unlike the Areals, and every other speaker I've had in my desktop system, the Kayaks just vamoose." (Steve Stone,, 9/05) Combine that level of performance with a pair of Cubes producing quick stereo bass down to 28 Hz and you are ready to take on large monitor-pedestal bass systems such as the Wilson system, but the Wilson system cannot match the Kayak Armada System's finesse, accuracy, musicality and imaging.

Note: Because you can configure this system with one or two subwoofers or without the stands, please contact us for pricing.