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The Windjammer 

extraordinary imaging and bass response

Role Audio Windjammer transmission line tower

"...they "image like lasers."
(Doug Schnider,

Dimensions: 5.5 X 5.5 X 40 inches
14 X 14 X 102 cm

(Twice the size of the Sampan, same size as Totem Arro)
Base: 8 X 9 X 1 
(W X D X H) 

Bound for Sound magazine component of merit

"If one adds a good set of speakers like the Role Audio Windjammers... they would and could be happy for the rest of their lives."
(Mike Peshkin, Positive Feedback On-Line)

*The prices below are for a pair of speakers.


  Reviewers Comments

"The Windjammers ... are my speakers to beat at the price point."
(Marc Yun in issue #148 of Bound for Sound)

" You need to hear this speaker, I can’t say it more simply."
(MusikMike Peshkin,

"I am amazed by the tonal balance of these speakers...they look as nice as they sound!...just correct bass, correct midrange, correct highs....and that decay...OH MY GOD, that decay!"
(MusikMike Peshkin,

"I successfully used the Windjammers with one amp rated at 20Wpc...Overall, the slender Windjammer was easy to set up, was reasonably flexible in terms of placement options, and was surprisingly fleshed out in the bass no matter where I placed it, leaving me with no real desire (thankfully) to insert a subwoofer into the system, even in my larger-than-average rooms."
(Doug Schnider,

"...the speakers were now about 9’ apart, yet voices and instruments were still rock solid in space, depth was excellent, and there was no gap in the center. In fact, they sounded best in these positions, and looked great to boot. Which, I guess, shouldn’t surprise me -- a balance of good appearance and good sound is what the Windjammer was designed to provide..."

(Doug Schnider,

"Integration from top to bottom is exceptional--the sound is woven of a single fabric...The sound is full, natural, and seamless."
(Marc Yun in issue #148 of Bound for Sound)

"Sibilants are perfect,...completely neutral..."
(follow-up review of the Windjammer by Marc Yun in issue #168 of Bound for Sound)

They looked very attractive... not only did my wife not complain, she asked that they not leave.."
(Doug Schnider,

"In the highest treble, cymbals and triangles have lovely shimmer without splasshiness...very nice indeed." (Marc Yun in issue #148 of Bound for Sound)

"What I like about the Jammer's bass is how it airs out the lower frequencies, and frees the bass from the confines of the speaker cabinets."
(Marc Yun in issue #148 of Bound for Sound)

"... this is the type of speaker that draws you from what you were doing, reading…even sleeping, by reproducing some music in ways that are, well…a bit shocking."
(MusikMike Peshkin,

"Bass drum wacks resonate from extreme corners of the stage, while plucks from the string bass section of an orchestra originate from the outer parts of the stage, i.e., to the right of the cellos and well outside the lateral bounds of the speaker."
(Follow-up review of the Windjammer by Marc Yun in issue #168 of Bound for Sound)

"... whatever position I placed the speakers, they gave me audiophile sound; spacious, full, three dimensional imaging and miraculously, a broad soundstage in the 50’ wide living room!"
(MusikMike Peshkin,

"Imaging and soundstaging are first rate in the tradition of the best mini-monitors."
(Marc Yun in issue #148 of Bound for Sound)

"Every morning I'd turn the system on and listen while I ate breakfast, marveling at the sound that filled my great room. 50' x 25' is a lot of space to fill with powerful sound, yet that combo did it and did it very, very well."
(Mike Peshkin, Positive Feedback On-Line)

"...the speakers that the Windjammers most remind me of is my old Quad ESL 57's, as far as low-level detail retrieval, imaging, neutrality and accuracy - they add very little of their own coloration to the sound. The Windjammers easily outpoint the Quads..."


Measuring only 5.5 inches wide by 40 inches high by 5.5 inches deep, the Windjammer is a potent loudspeaker that is designed to play in small to large rooms. Its frequency response is 35 Hz to 20 kHz.

The Windjammer's innovative transmission line design and high quality elements allows it to play undistorted room shaking party music or smooth, lush background music. It throws a wide and high soundstage that will envelope you in the emotion and realism of the original performance.

Its bass response is riveting, and its reproduction of the stereophonic soundstage and its imaging are among the best you will ever hear, regardless of price. Its integration and speed has been described as electrostatic.
One listen to the Windjammer and you will hear performance that is hard to beat at any price.

Its' svelte, attractive, design will complement any decor. And as the reviewers confirm, unlike many audiophile loudspeakers, they will play very well when placed very close to a back wall or even when placed quite far apart. Their design allows you ease of placement to deliver great sound where you want it.