The new Enterprise

Role Audio Enterprise
"...the bass is to die for...​"

Shown: satin black and red birch
Dimensions: 43 X 5.5 X 10.5 inches, 109 X 14 X 27 cm. (H X W X D)
Frequency Response: 35Hz - 20kHz  (+/- 3.5 dBs)


Some comments from reviews of the Enterprise SE

"...the bass is to die for...they image like a son of a bitch..."
Jeff Rabin,

The Role Audio Enterprise are, all around, the best dynamic speakers I have ever used.
Paul Cervantes

"I want this speaker!"
MusikMike Peshkin,

"I was astonished by what a big sound came from these rather compact towers..."
John Sunier, Audiophile Auditions,


The Enterprise uses the same crossover components, drivers, wiring, and cabinet as the Enterprise SE, but the transmission lines of the Enterprise are vented through the bottom of the speaker cabinet to produce more robust bass output. This causes the Enterprise to have more bass output than the Enterprise SE. Because the transmission lines are vented through the bottom of the cabinet, the Enterprise requires clearance between the bottom of the cabinet and the floor and cannot be used without the outriggers. The Enterprise is available in satin black or  a custom white finish. 

How can the Enterprise image as well as it does and at the same time deliver incredibly extended bass?

Role Audio dual transmission line logo
Patent Pending
DTL is a trademark of Role Audio Company

The Enterprise features Role Audio unique DTL proprietary dual transmission line technology that allows the Enterprise to deliver the effortless dynamics and the bass extension of very large floor standing loudspeakers, while it retains the finesse, soundstaging, and imaging of the best small minimonitors.

Special Features:

  • DTL dual transmission line proprietary cabinet design for extraordinary bass performance
  • Soft dome tweeter, woven carbon fiber woofers
  • Two-way, time aligned, quasi point source 
  • Minimalist first order crossover (uses a single inductor and a capacitor)
  • Full value film-foil capacitors for greater detail, imaging, and less distortion
  • Perfect lay oxygen free air core inductors to prevent saturation and to tighten and extend bass output.
  • Matched components for improved imaging and symmetrical soundstaging
  • DH Labs Silversonic and oxygen free cooper wire
  • Superior ElectricTM fully insulated five-way terminals
  • Magnetic grills
  • Bottom ports
  • Metal outriggers with metal spikes or rubber feet