Enterprise XB



The Enterprise XB
A special edition of the Enterprise

Role Audio Enterprise-XB speaker

Dimensions: 43 X 5.5 X 10.5 inches, 109 X 14 X 27 cm.

*The prices below are for a pair of speakers.


The Enterprise XB uses the same crossover components, drivers, wiring, and cabinet as the Enterprise, but the transmission lines of the Enterprise XB are vented to the bottom of the speaker cabinet as opposed to the front. This causes the Enterprise XB to have slightly more bass output than the Enterprise. It also results in some reduction in manufacturing costs, which we pass on to the consumer. However, unlike the Enterprise, because the transmission lines are vented at the bottom of the Enterprise XB's cabinet, the vents of the XB require clearance and the XB cannot be used without spikes. Also, the Enterprise XB is only available in satin black or custom white finishes. 


Special Features:

DTL dual transmission line proprietary design for extraordinary bass performance
Minimalist first order crossover
(uses a single inductor and a capacitor)
Full value film-foil capacitors for greater detail, imaging, and less distortion
Perfect lay oxygen free air core inductors to prevent saturation and to tighten and extend bass output.
DH Labs Silversonic and oxygen free cooper wire

Magnetic grills
Bottom ports

Optional Large base