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The Sampan Series

The ultimate performance from 3 inch full-range driver, mini loudspeakers

The Sampan Series of single, full range driver acoustic suspension and transmission line loudspeakers are some of the most accurate loudspeakers because they are true point source, perfectly time coherent, minimum phase, loudspeakers with no phase or driver integration problems. The Sampan Series is optimized for stereophonic listening. All loudspeakers in the series use high performance 3 inch transducers and a proprietary circuit to linearize and extend frequency response to 20,000 Hz.

"...the Skiff's full-range driver truly shines." (Marc Yun, Bound for Sound)


Role AUdio Sampan

"Few loudspeakers on the planet can create as much excitement as the tiny, unassuming Sampan..."
Reinhold Martin, HIFI STATEMENT, Germany

"The Greatest Disappearing Act Since Houdini "
Jeff Rabin, Ph.D.,

Role AUdio Sampan FTL
Sampan FTL

"I even found myself ... questioning the performance of my Magnepans in several areas when compared to the Sampan FTL (in particular overall musicality, soundstage depth and micro detail). Consider it strong praise indeed for these little overachievers."
Craig Johnson in Affordable$$Audio

"... the speakers sounded much bigger than they looked...vocals and acoustic guitar sounded full-bodied and robust."
John Acton of Positive Feedback comments on the Sampan FTL at AudioKarma Fest 2007 in Michigan. 

Role Audio SKiff

"The upper midrange smoothness and coherence in particular is something to behold... it's surprisingly neutral and capable with a variety of music...” 
Marc Yun issue #154, Bound for Sound 

"Their midrange is scary good, seriously good in fact and unlike many full range drivers do not seem to be rolled off in the top end as one would expect."
Desktop Audio News and Previews, Australia, May 10, 2011



Roel Audio Sampan Soundbar
Sampan Sound Bar

The Sampan Soundbar is a hybrid dual folded transmission line and acoustic suspension loudspeaker design that combines the design of the Sampan and the Skiff in one cabinet.

"When the speaker arrived I immediately hooked it up to my Pioneer Elite Receiver and ran the MCACC audio calibration software. I was a bit surprised when it finished running and concluded the Soundbar to be large front speakers and didn't set a crossover point for sending lower frequencies to the subwoofer." 

Role Audio Sampan Music Box
Sampan Music Box

The Sampan Music Box is an amplified stereo speaker system that is inspired by our critically acclaimed Sampan, employing 3 inch full range drivers in two folded transmission lines. It features a built in 200 watt amplifier (100 watt per channel).

" will be amazed by the quality and quantity of music it can bring into a room and your life."
"The Music Box can play quite loudly and without a hint of strain."
"The Sampan Music Box remind me of my B&W P7 headphones except that my head doesn't get tired when I listen the music box. It has the same crisp, clear ease to its sound and superb integration. Everything is there and easily discerned. I regard both devices at once as a reviewer’s tools and wonderfully musical components anyone can enjoy."
(Paul Cervantes, November 29, 2016)