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Our approach to loudspeaker design

Our loudspeakers are designed, engineered, and manufactured in North Carolina, USA to deliver the greatest audiophile performance, from the smallest cabinets, with the least impact on our global environment.

Role Audio loudspeakers are designed to anticipate the needs of 21st century audiophiles, music lovers, and theater buffs. Designed for use in stereo, multi-channel audio, and home theater systems, Role Audio loudspeakers are small, potent, and elegant. And while we pay attention to decorator issues, these loudspeakers achieve or surpass the holy grails of audiophile loudspeaker design. They are point source, or quasi point source, time coherent, first order, acoustic suspension or transmission line designs for the utmost accuracy in sound reproduction.

Cabinet Design

We view our ability to design and manufacture our cabinets in house as the essence of our business. Typically, loudspeakers are manufactured using outsourced cabinets. We cannot use this process because all our designs, with the exception of the Kayak and Discovery, require manufacturing by a unique process whereby we assemble the cabinets from prefiinished panels while we simultaneously dampen, wire and attach the electronic circuits. This is because the interior spaces of the cabinets are too small to allow dampening and wiring the cabinets after the cabinets are assembled. It is a very painstaking, exacting and costly process but it allows us to manufacture unique loudspeakers. 

Moreover, we are perhaps the only company that has developed new manufacturing methods to produce non-toxic Eco-friendly loudspeakers. Our cabinets are made from formaldehyde free lumber, assembled with nontoxic adhesives, hand sealed with nontoxic sealers to prevent residual out-gassing, and hand painted with non-toxic paints. Our critically acclaimed speaker cabinets are designed to meet tolerances that are among the highest in the industry. They show we pay attention to our loudspeakers not only as fine musical instruments but also as objects of art.

Loudspeaker Electronic Circuits

All our loudspeakers feature minimalist, first-order, transient perfect crossovers in order to preserve the timing and timbre of the sound source. Our loudspeakers use high quality laminated or perfect lay air core coils, full value film foil capacitors, and metal oxide resistors. Regardless of the price of the loudspeaker the crossover components and drivers are the highest quality in order to produce the Role Audio sonic signature. 

Internal Wiring

We use DH Labs Silver Sonic wire to ensure the most transparent transfer of musical signals to our tweeters and custom multi-strand oxygen free copper wire to our woofers to ensure excellent bass response. As of 10/20/09, we use only led free silver solder in our loudspeakers.

Internal Dampening

We use non-allergenic 100% polyester ply-fill bonded batting which maintains a consistent loft through years in all of our loudspeakers.


We use genuine Superior ElectricTM gold plated, fully shielded, five-way binding posts described by one reviewer this way:  "Superior posts are truly the finest posts available. They may lack the neoindustrial look of an all metal post, but they are better in every other respect including strength, sonics, durability and suitability of virtually every type of connector. Be aware of poor imitations, but once you use these posts you'll have a very hard time being happy with any other design."
(M.L. Gneier,, Italy, May 2001)

We care about your health and the environment.

You can breathe easy with our health-friendly formaldehyde- free loudspeakers. Since 10/20/09, we have offered environmentally and health friendly, formaldehyde free loudspeakers in all our newly manufactured loudspeakers. Our formaldehyde-free loudspeakers are manufactured from formaldehyde free plywoods, and from MDFs that use no urea or formaldehyde in the manufacturing process. They are sealed with a non-toxic sealer to prevent any residual off-gassing. They are assembled with non toxic adhesives, and finished with paints that are certified by the Greenguard Environmental institute. The grills are manufactured from formaldehyde free MDF, non-toxic glues, and nylon fabrics. 


All ROLE AUDIO loudspeakers are intended for use in music and home theater systems and are warranted against defects in materials and workmanship that occur in normal use for ten (10) years from the date of original purchase.

ROLE AUDIO will repair, replace or adjust defective parts for the original owner without charge for parts or labor, provided the loudspeaker is returned at the owner's cost to the dealer from which it was purchased or to ROLE AUDIO.

This warranty does not apply to damage that results from abuse or misuse, accidents including those that occur during shipping, and any damage that results from repair or modification by anyone not specifically authorized to make repairs by ROLE AUDIO.

In order to claim coverage under this warranty, you must provide proof of purchase in the form of a sales slip or proof of product registration with ROLE AUDIO. This warranty gives you specific legal rights, and you may have other rights which vary from state to state.