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30 Day Money back guarantee! Full warranty! No re-stocking fee! Free UPS Shipping in US! All speakers shipped with grill and required hardware. Satisfaction guaranteed on all clearance and special sale loudspeakers. Call: 919-886-7057 or use this link  to request a PayPal invoice or to ask questions. We can ship to all corners of the world, wherever we do not have a dealer. Just ask!

Two pairs B-stock satin black and red birch Enterprise SE

Role Audio Enterprise

"... a 1st technologically..."

"...just right...all around, the best dynamic speaker I have ever used."

 "You will not find a better speaker anywhere near its price..."

"...some of the finest cabinet work I've seen..."

Role Audio Enterprise

Condition: new, near perfect

Both Pairs Sold! 

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Get a great price on a pair of the amazing Sampans.

"The Greatest Disappearing Act Since Houdini "
(Jeff Rabin, Ph.D.,

ROle Audio Sampan

"Few loudspeakers on the planet can create as much excitement as the tiny, unassuming Sampan..."
(Reinhold Martin, HIFI STATEMENT, Germany)

Available: 1 pair. new B-stock red birch and satin black.

Condition:  near perfect

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One pair Role Audio Starship SE from review
Role Audio Starship
In immaculate condition.

"Well-built, easy to place and drive, and blessed with a balance, speed and focus that makes listening to music of all varieties just plain fun..."

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All clearance products are covered by Role Audio's standard warranty and 30 day money back return policy. There is no restocking fee for returned items. We pay for shipping to you. You pay the return shipping charges for loudspeakers returned to us. Our policy is to offer a prompt refund within three business days of receipt for products returned in good condition.

B-stock are new loudspeakers with minor flaws in that fail our very stringent fit and finish quality control tests. Factory demos are loudspeaker that are one of a kind finish, loudspeakers from reviews, returns, or loudspeaker with more obvious fit and finish issues. 

Prices will  include free shipping in the USA and discounted international shipping.