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The Skiff Series

The ultimate in performance from 3.5 inch full-range driver, mini loudspeakers  

The Skiff Series of single, full range driver acoustic suspension and transmission line loudspeakers are some of the most accurate loudspeakers because they are true point source, perfectly time coherent, minimum phase, loudspeakers with no phase or driver integration problems. The Skiff Series is optimized for stereophonic listening. All loudspeakers in the series use high performance 3.5 transducers and a proprietary circuit to linearize and extend frequency response to 20,000 Hz. The Sampan DTL uses two transducers. However, the small size and proximity of the drivers allow them to operate as a time coherent point source over most of their operating range.

"...the Skiff's full-range driver truly shines." (Marc Yun, Bound for Sound)

Skiff Sampan FTL Sampan Sampan DTL

 Skiff series loudspeakers

Sampan Sound Bar

Sampan Music Box

Note: The picture shows the relative size of each speaker.