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 Promotional Sale on Kayaks, Canoes, Sampan FTL, and Music Box

Two Weeks Only! Sale Ends June 6th.!

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Sampan FTL

Sampan FTL

Natural birch plywood. Regularly $1,295. Sale $895

"...essentially the reverse art and engineering of my monster rig’s multi-driver VMPS RM40s." (Solnic Flair)

Role Audio Kayak

New Kayaks
Satin black or red birch. Regularly $995. Sale $795

"The Role Kayak loudspeaker, and it has been one of my nearfield reference monitors for years." (Steven Stone, The Absolute Sound)

Role Audio Canoe

New Canoes

Black and natural birch plywood. Regularly $1395. Sale $995

Black and Spanish cedar. Regularly $1495. Sale $1095

"The Role Canoes have quite a lot in common with the $2,200 per pair ProAc Anniversary Tablettes." (Steven Stone,Audio Reviews)



Role Audio Music Box

New Sampan Musicbox

A different way to listen to music!

A complete 100 watt per channel stereo music system with amazing frequency response of  29 Hz to 20,000 kHz. Just add a source.

Regularly $1,195. Sale: $895 each.

" will be amazed by the quality and quantity of music it can bring into a room and your life."
"The Music Box can play quite loudly and without a hint of strain." (Paul Cervantes)