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Upgraded Sampan Music Box makes great streaming companion

Role Audio Sampan Music Box

We have upgraded the 100 watt amplifier (50 watts per channel) in the Music Box to a 200 watt (100 watt per channel) amplifier. We have also upgraded the transmission lines with our  new TL-ABC transmission line technology to extend the low bass frequency response down to 29 Hz and to further reduce resonances in the transmission lines to improve clarity and accuracy. 

With the advent of inexpensive music streamers such as Google's Chromecast Audio and Amazon's Echo Dot and with the emergence of the smart phone as a music hub, it is now easier and more convenient to listen to high quality music. However these compact streaming devices by themselves cannot realize their potential to reproduce high quality stereophonic, full-range music.

With the redesign, the Sampan Music Box is an even greater music streaming companion for audio streamers such as Google's Chromecast Audio, the Amazon Echo Dot, and smartphones.