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Introducing the Role Cube Subwoofer

A fast acoustic suspension subwoofer to complement small loudspeakers

Role Audio Cube Subwoofer

Role Audio Cube Subwoofer

Role Audio Cube Subwoofer

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The Cube Active Acoustic Suspension Subwoofer

Frequency response: Variable, 28 Hz to 200 Hz

Dimensions: 11.5 X 11.5 X 11.5 inches, 29 X 29 X 29 cm (W x H x D)

The Cube is a potent, compact, self- powered, subwoofer system that is designed to complement small loudspeakers in high-end music and home theater systems. It uses a custom long-throw 8 inch paper cone woofer that is virtually indestructible and an acoustic suspension cabinet to produce fast, accurate bass response.

The Cube is designed for speed and accuracy to keep pace with the best small minimonitors and it has the power to play in theater systems. Many subwoofer manufacturers boast mega wattage subwoofer amplifiers but the quality of a subwoofer depends mainly on the design of the subwoofer itself and the real power of the amplifier depends on its design and power supply. The Cube's bass is exquisite. Not the one note samba delivered by most subwoofers.

The non-toxic satin black cabinet is finished with a beautiful certified environmentally-friendly finish and the panels are sealed to prevent any hazardous off-gassing that can occur from plywood and MDF used to make loudspeakers. The acoustic suspension design and forward facing driver produces faster, more coherent, and more extended bass response and allows the subwoofer to be placed close to walls.

A gutsy full-featured 100 watt RMS amplifier with volume, variable crossover, and 360 degree variable phase control allows the Cube to provide an exceptional level of performance and flexibility.

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