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TL-ABC Upgrade for the Sampan

Role Audio Sampan

We are pleased to announce an upgrade program for the Sampans to incorporate our new TL-ABC (Transmission Line Acoustic Bass Contouring) technology and bring the Sampans up to date.

Our Transmission Line Acoustic Bass Contouring technology will dramatically extend the low bass response of the Sampans and reduce residual resonance in the transmission lines. This will not only dramatically improve the Sampan FTL's bass but it will also make the upper bass and midrange more articulate and revealing. 

We are offering a promotional upgrade for the Sampan during September, 2016. The cost is $195 and includes the cost of new packaging (if necessary) and return shipping in the USA and discounted shipping overseas. Beyond September, the upgrade will cost $245. During the upgrade we will give Sampans a full checkup and a listening test.

You can read more about and purchase the upgrade here or you can email us for a PayPal invoice. If you purchase the upgrade on our TL-ABC upgrade page, you will be billed the full $245. However, during September we will only charge you $195.