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The Kayak Series

The ultimate in performance from small two-way loudspeakers

The Kayak Series of two-way, first order, acoustic suspension and transmission line loudspeakers are optimized for stereophonic listening. All loudspeakers in the series use the same high performance elements: tweeters, woofers, crossover components, and terminals to create a matched sonic signature and a similar level of performance that allow the different models to be combined in theater and surround music systems.

"The carbon-fiber woofer is a gem, and the tweeter struck me as being almost the equal of the vaunted Morel unit in the Merlin."
Marc Yun, Bound fro Sound

Role  Audio Kayak speaker
The Kayak
Role Audio Discovery speaker
The Discovery
Role Audio Canoe speaker
The Canoe
Role Audio Windjammer speaker
The Windjammer
Role Audio Enterprise-XB speaker
The Enterprise-XB
Role Audio Enterprise speakers
The Enterprise
Role Audio Kayak Armada speaker system
The Kayak
Armada System