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Excerpts from reviews of the Windjammer

Role Audio Windjammer

The following are excerpts from the review of the Windjammer by MusikMike Peshkin of

"I am amazed with the tonal balance of these speakers."

"...they look as nice as they sound!"

"...just correct bass, correct midrange, correct highs."

"Easily distinguishing the difference in each of the instruments, its body, the particular tone of its strings and that decay…OH MY GOD, that decay!"

"But every single music lover that walked into this house has asked about them, how much they cost, and commented how nice it would be to have a pair in their living room."

"I just don’t think you could ask for much more from a speaker without spending a considerable amount of coin."

"Every instrument is so well portrayed with this speaker; perfectly sized! The Role throws a hugely deep soundstage, width consummate with the size of the group. You really could not ask for more as an audiophile, you surely couldn’t ask for more as a Jazz aficionado."

"The fact that these speakers are affordable in the actually affordable for the common guy sense of the word makes me salivate…"

"I am amazed with the tonal balance of these speakers."

"I’m enjoying CDs played through the Windjammers as if they were LPs."

"I just know the Role speakers spread the soundstage across the part of my living room I shouldn’t even expect to contain a soundstage. Sitting less than 3 feet from the back wall, about 6 feet apart in the center of a 50 foot room, the images and the soundstage, as I wrote earlier, are lifelike. I think that’s an incredible feat."

"Listening to Dave Grisman’s Tone Poems II was a kick. I’ve played the livin’ daylights out of this CD. I can’t recall hearing the life-like decay as well as these speakers portray the string sound of Grisman’s mandolins and MartinTaylor’s guitars. Easily distinguishing the difference in each of the instruments, its body, the particular tone of its strings and that decay…OH MY GOD, that decay! So pure and so unbelievably pretty! Not more, no less, just real. ... You have a sense of the size of the studio; and realizing they were close miked."

"What I’ve heard with off-axis listening leads me to believe that the die-hard audiophile will tweak the placement and blow his mind!"

"... this is the type of speaker that draws you from what you were doing, reading…even sleeping, by reproducing some music in ways that are, well…a bit shocking."

"The fact that this speaker delivers this great sound at its price, that it looks great, that wherever ... position I placed the speakers, they gave me audiophile sound; spacious, full, three dimensional imaging and miraculously, a broad soundstage in the 50’ wide living room!"

"That may just be the ticket to complete audio Nirvana. Or one may feel they’ve gotten there. You need to hear this speaker, I can’t say it more simply.""

 The following are excerpts from a review of the Windjammer by Marc Yun in issue #148 of Bound for Sound

"The sound is full, natural, and seamless."

"The carbon-fiber woofer is a gem..."

"The 'Jammers' alluring combination of articulation and tonal completeness ...can enchant the listener."

"Imaging and soundstaging are first rate in the tradition of the best mini-monitors."The sound is full, natural, and seamless."

"In the highest treble, cymbals and triangles have lovely shimmer without splasshiness... very nice indeed. Integration from top to bottom is exceptional--the sound is woven of a single fabric."

"... the Windjammers often have incredible texturing, as if the upper midrange were just that much quicker and more resolving... it draws the listener into the beauty of the individual sounds."

More on the Windjammers from Marc Yun's review of the Music Pumps 20 Wpc IC-based monoblock power amplifier and the Music Purse IC-based preamplifier. Bound for Sound Issue #149

"...the Windjammers seem to present a very benign load which let the little IC amps sing - a great match for the Pumps."

"Rarely have I heard a system sound so involving as the Windjammer/Purse combo with intimate musical passages."

"Subtle nuances in articulation and dynamics are communicated masterfully..."

 The following are excerpts from a review of the Windjammer by Larry Rasmussen

"When I first got the Merlins I raved about them and went though my disc collection several times. ... But you know there were many discs that were too bright. ...Ultimately I sold the Merlins. ... I went back to the Sonus Fabers for a little relief. ... I did some direct comparisons between the Sonus Fabers and Windjammers. I think the sound stage on the Windjammers is more nicely distributed along the front and extends farther to the side. ... The Sonus Fabers have a unique sound that can be warm and wonderful but ultimately with them I wasn't listening to much music. I could not sit and web surf with them on in the background, they would drive me nuts, just like the Merlins. The Windjammers are well defined and articulate and nicely balanced. Male and female voices sound very good. .... they sound good with everything you put on, no running for the volume control when a tenor sax comes in to the mix. I am again listening for more extended periods and enjoy having the music on even when doing other activities."