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Now you can purchase our loudspeakers directly from our website.


  • Posted on: 10 August 2012
  • By: role2

As of 8/10/12 we have added e-commerce directly to We learned that some of you did not like leaving our website in order to purchase our loudspeakers. Therefore we have added e-commerce with a shopping cart function and a fully secure check out process to our website.

We have added dropdown menus to allow you to make specific selections from our products on each product page and "add to cart" buttons to facilitate completion of purchase. Clicking the "add to cart buttons" will take you to a secure page administered by PayPal to complete purchase.

If you want to pay with a credit card or to use "Bill me later" click the "Check Out" option then click "Don't have a PayPal account?" at the bottom right hand side of the next page. 

We currently offer free shipping to customers in the USA. If you live outside the USA please email us to arrange to pay the shipping charges. Check our list of international dealers as we do not ship to any country where we have a dealer.

​If you have any questions, including questions about other payment options, please use the contact link under "NAVIGATION" to let us know.

​Thank you for visiting our website.