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Critical Acclaim

 The Skiff 
...I can't think of many speakers anywhere near its price or size that can rival (much less best) it in certain areas of reproduction." 
Marc Yun issue #154, Bound for Sound

"It is crisply delineated yet silky smooth, with excellent articulation and resolution. ... I'm not sure it's necessarily a more accurate transducer than my reference Merlin TSM ...Tones are pure and pristine...The upper midrange smoothness and coherence in particular is something to behold..."
(Marc Yun, Bound for Sound)

"...the Skiffs produce a remarkably linear frequency response over their entire range."
(Steve Stone,,)

The Sampan FTL
"Timing, resolution and depth -- the Sampan FTLs are immediately involving. "
"The [Amphion] Ion has its own strengths and appeal. but doesnt possess the addictive coherency and flow, the magic of the FTL."
(Robert Learner, Sonic Flare)

"Theres no way I can convey just how well these tiny speakers play. ...They are truly some of the most amazing dynamic speakers that I have ever used."
(Paul Cervantes, Note: is no longer on line)

The Sampan FTLs, "...are absolute champs when it comes to soundstage portrayal, tonal accuracy, and coherence from top to bottom and musicality. 
(Craig Johnson in Affordable$$Audio)

"The Sampans ... have a big, bold, expansive sound that comes right at you. ..all of this is coming from those two little boxes? That cant be right!"
(Paul Cervantes, Note: is no longer on line)

The Sampan 
"The Greatest Disappearing Act Since Houdini. "
(Jeff Rabin, Ph.D.,

"Few loudspeakers on the planet can create as much excitement as the tiny, unassuming Sampan,which is able to pull off the rare trick of disappearing completely as a sound source within the room whilst at the same time giving the impression that music is coming from a speaker many times larger than itself."
(Reinhold Martin, HIFI STATEMENT, Germany)

"... the true stars in the Role firmament are, for me (so far), the Sampans ...We listened, drop-jawed, to detail, a seamless soundstage, crisp warmth (Oxymoronic? Not in the least), and next to no sense of compression or congestion at climaxes."
(David Ogden Stiers, see review page)

"We set two Sampans up in our listening room next to a pair of 'normal size' floorstanders (my Triangle Cellos) but did not tell anyone.... None of the visitors who were subjected to this 'trick' suspected that the music was coming from the two Sampans rather than the largish pair of Triangle Cellos."
(Reinhold Martin, HIFI STATEMENT, Germany)

The Sampan wins Best of 2007 Award
"Rarely do I have the opportunity to walk around the sound stage, inspect Norah Jones from behind, check the rivets on the drum kit to confirm that Keith Moon's 1965 Drums really was a Premier single-bass, or otherwise wax pedantically on correct microphone placement. Never for me has a sound-stage indicated to me the different heights of the horns of John Coltrane, Cannonball Adderley and Miles Davis's during the glory days of Kind of Blue. All that changed for me with the Sampans." 
(Dr. Jeff Rabin,

The Kayak 
"Going into the comparo, I really felt Jeffrey would prefer the Minuets for their greater oomph and kick. So I was a bit surprised that he decisively picked the Kayaks as his speakers of choice - not only over the Silverlines, but over his own Meadowlark Shearwater Hot Rods (which I believe were about $3K when he got them a decade ago). He cited the speed and detail of the midrange, which made his tracks come alive with a crispness and life that he never got with his Meadowlarks."
(Marc Yun, Bound for Sound)

"...the Role Audio Kayaks best the LS 3/5as quite nearly across the board." 
(M.L. Gneier,, Italy)

"Once you hear the Kayak speaker in nearfield environment you may flip out..." 
(Steve Stone,

"The Kayak is one of the most relaxed, non fatiguing speakers Ive ever heard."
Russ Gates,

"The speakers disappear more completely than any mini-monitor I've
heard in recent memory. ... the speakers are literally invisible."

Ed Kobesky, Positive Feedback Online

The Discovery 
"The Discovery and Kayak share many family traits. They both have superb high frequency rendition, astounding inner detail and low-level resolution, and remarkable depth recreation."
(Steve Stone,

The Windjammer 

 Component of Merit 

Bound for Sound magazine

"The Windjammers ... are my speakers to beat at the price point...."
(Marc Yun, Bound for Sound)

"I am amazed by the tonal balance of these speakers...they look as nice as they sound!...just correct bass, correct midrange, correct highs....and that decay...OH MY GOD, that decay!"
(MusikMike Peshkin,

They looked very attractive... not only did my wife not complain, she asked that they not leave.."
"image like lasers."

(Doug Schneider,

The Enterprise
"It is marvelous. I want this speaker!"
(MusikMike Peshkin,

" You will not find a better speaker anywhere near its price (and yes, I have heard them all)."
(Paul Cervantes, Note: is no longer on line)

"...this is some of the finest cabinet work I've seen..."
Marty DeWulf, Bound for Sound 

"...the bass is to die for."
"...the Enterprise are, almost, neutral to a fault..."

(Jeff Rabin,

"...I drove the Enterprise hard, and on some occasions, very hard.....the dynamic capabilities of the Enterprise surprised me."
Marty DeWulf, Bound for Sound 

"I was astonished by what a big sound came from these rather compact towers....
I was impressed by the high quality fit and finish ...The two-tone design is very striking....
One thing I quickly noticed was the excellent imaging with the Roles..."

(John Sunier, Audiophile Auditions,